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"Mooving on New Lab of Technology" A group of friends meets, cultivates a common passion, works for the same company.
The company is dismantled by financial rulers and shut down after a while.
Many chose the path dictated by the fashion, by the opportunities on the market at that time: freelance consulting. They continued working together on OpenSource projects, they offered their code and their experience, they organized free programming courses, created a virtual laboratory of technology and then a real one. All this happened in the last 10 years and thanks to this we thought about founding Moonlab s.r.l., in order to give legal entity to a laboratory that in fact has always existed. After having cumulated experience of making technology at the clients service, after having created technology at the service of an activity of computer devices brokering, now we develop a technology at the service of the net.
Our laboratory believes in web and web believes in us and it is proving it with more then two millions of users that every month visit our network.

Our goal? Keep a working place without excesses but charged only with passion for technology and dreams at the users service.